Gringo Express Adds To The Fleet...Ahhhh That New Truck Smell!

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Gringo Express Adds To The Fleet...Ahhhh That New Truck Smell!


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Gringo Express adds to the fleet... Ahhhh that new truck smell!

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Q: Did you buy a new truck?

A: We sure did. We took possession of our 7th truck. We have come a long way
from the day we had to save up enough cash just to buy one used truck
(at the whopping price of $16,000.)



Q: So, what do you do with these trucks?

 A: It’s easier to put all the data into bullet points so here is just part of the list, below….

  We ship an average of 7 full truckloads of flowers daily with our own fleet

We now have 3 semi-trucks (52 footers) and 4 bobtails (24 footers) = 7 in total   

In addition to day drivers we also have 3 night shift drivers all of whom are Class A drivers 

1 of our 52 footers is a dedicated North/South Truck (From our Gringos South to Gringo North facilities and back.) This truck crosses the border every day twice a day

Our deliveries are up to 155 miles north of our Gringo North (San Diego d.c.) 7 days per week

Our Logistics department is “officially” open 6 days a week however there are often Sunday trucks to load and unload

We handle numerous 3rdparty pick-ups daily (an average of 20 trucks.)

Our logistic and shipping team transports an average of 5,500 boxes daily

FedEx picks up 800 boxes a day UPS picks up 300 boxes a day


Q: That is impressive. But why is this important to me?

A:  I was just thinking the same thing. We don’t sound very
humble do we!? Here’s why the above is important. There are
100 things that have to go right from our ranches to our assembly
facilities to your stores. Our cold chain is critical part of your experience,
so we want to make sure that we are doing everything in our power
to control the temperature. One of our strategic differentiators is that
our flowers don’t have to travel via air or boat, so we want to leverage
that difference and make sure that we are doing it right.



Q: Ahhh got it. That makes sense. Ok, you might as well show
me some pictures because I know your going to anyway. 

A: I thought you’d never ask! 



Q: Do you have pictures of the booth and all?

A: I thought you’d never ask!



Our brand-new baby with the wonderful Cummings engine
and state-of-the-art Thermo King Refer unit. 


Heriberto (Beto) Lopez – driving for DG for over 20 years, before that
he was on the packing team. Beto was one of the original 6 of us
and yes, that’s about as big a smile as I’ve ever seen from Beto! 


Here’s another shot of Beto – notice he is smiling in this one as
he is the primary driver of our new truck! Ok…scratch the above…
this is the biggest smile that I’ve ever seen from Beto! 

A wave from Martin in one of our 24-foot bobtail trucks.

Victor Cardona and Mike Vargas – Logistics Department 


Our Team of Drivers.  From bottom left –
Manuel, Martin, Alan, George and Beta!


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